“As a lyricist, he’s as much a photographer as a poet, snapping verbal Polaroids... and stringing them together with the accompaniment of his effusively warm folk music" -Spirit You All

"Adkins’ skill is in the delicate, tender folk tune; he expertly lays down gentle fingerpicking... His voice is perfectly suited to this work." -Independent Clauses
“Wilder Adkins is a Southern boy with typical wit and twang matched with a profound sophistication" -Elmore Magazine

"Adkins sings in that middle ground where heartache meets love, questions meet faith, and joy blends with pain." -Let Us Make A Record

“By turns haunting, spectral, tender and tenacious, Adkins is a master when it comes to conveying uncommon emotion, relying on minimal arrangements that sometimes seem suspended in the ether" -Elmore Magazine

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